H 0 Medical Abortion - Special Issue.

These papers show that women in many countries are using or trying to use MA pills on their own, and if they experience problems, they find help, though not always the most effective or appropriate help.
- Medical abortion pills have the potential to change everything about abortion
- What if medical abortion becomes the main or only method of first-trimester abortion?
- Putting abortion pills into women's hands: realizing the full potential of medical abortion
- Efficacy of medical abortion prior to 6 gestational weeks
- Experience of clandestine use of medical abortion among university students in Chile
- Accompaniment of second-trimester abortions: the model of the feminist Socorrista network of Argentina
- Complications with use of misoprostol for abortion in Madagascar: between ease of access and lack of information
- “It is just like having a period with back pain”: exploring women’s experiences with community-based distribution of misoprostol for early abortion on the Thailand-Burma border
- Abortion in two francophone African countries: a study of whether women have begun to use misoprostol in Benin and Burkina Faso
- Medical abortion can be provided safely and effectively by pharmacy workers trained within a harm reduction framework: Nepal
- Provision of menstrual regulation with medication among pharmacies in three municipal districts of Bangladesh: a situation analysis
- Feasibility of assessing the safety and effectiveness of menstrual regulation medications purchased from pharmacies in Bangladesh: a prospective cohort study
- Provision of medical abortion by midlevel healthcare providers in Kyrgyzstan: testing an intervention to expand safe abortion services to underserved rural and periurban areas
- Doing more for less: identifying opportunities to expand public sector access to safe abortion in South Africa through budget impact analysis
- Barriers to accessing abortion services and perspectives on using mifepristone and misoprostol at home in Great Britain
- Developing a forward-looking agenda and methodologies for research of self-use of medical abortion
En complément:
Presentation summarises the main issues addressed in the journal articles from country level by Marge Berer / "Medical Abortion has the potential to change everything : it has made self-help abortion safe."

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